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There are many misconceptions in the services offered by PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKERS

I’d like to make sure your family member is not disillusioned with the services

 I will be offering to you or your family member/s

It is my opportunity to assure the Activities of Daily Living are looked after.

Personal care typically includes dressing, bathing, feeding, and toileting. Transferring a patient in and out of bed is also the responsibility of me as a PSW (stipulations apply). Basic tasks often include shopping, and meal preparation. Escort for a patient can also be provided when a doctor’s appointment is necessary. When a Para Bus or a taxi service will be picking them up.

Light House Keeping Duties will include

  • Preparation of Meals for the Client
  • Light cleaning after meal preparation. Wipe Sink and Counter.
  • Cleaning of the Daily Dishes Used by the Client only
  • Washing, Drying, Folding of Laundry and dispersing to the proper location for the Client only.
  • Cleaning of Washroom after Showers, Baths or Daily Routines, Wipe down Tub, Shower, Sink, Removal of soiled towels, Wiping up wet floors after drying of Client.
  • Changing and or Making of Bed that has full access (3 feet) to both sides and end of the Clients Bed.
  • Ensuring clients personal garbage is removed from their personal space, objects are picked up to allow safe access and egress to those personal area’s
  • Ensuring Clients incontinence is dealt with and any personal areas are cleaned and sanitized with proper cleaning supplies made available at the client’s residence.

While I would like to ensure the client is living in a clean and safe environment. We only maintain the clients Personal needs and will recommend the services of a reliable and competent Cleaning Company/Maid Service if it is felt that washing of floors, cleaning windows, dusting, removal of garbage or other services outside the Scope of my duties as a Personal Support Worker are needed.

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